What is the Purpose of IT Service Management?

The primary purpose of IT service management is to ensure that the right processes, technology and people are in place to help an organization achieve its business objectives. ITSM (or IT service management) refers to all activities involved in designing, creating, delivering, supporting, and managing the lifecycle of IT services. This includes identifying potential risks caused by IT service processes, recording them with their impact and plausible alternative solutions. The service strategy contributes to the overall understanding of a company's services with respect to the service portfolio, financial management, business relationship management, etc.

The service operation (OS) ensures that the services work and that any interruptions are immediately diverted.The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework with a set of best practices for providing efficient IT support services. It involves creating and designing new services, as well as evaluating current services and making relevant improvements. A service desk typically handles incidents, service requests, third party contracts, software licensing, and more. The adverse effect of serious problems can be mitigated through major incident management and IT service continuity.IT service management has changed the way IT departments behave: IT departments no longer function just as systems integrators, but as service providers working to ensure that the rest of the business can meet customer needs most effectively possible.

Its core is usually a workflow management system to manage incidents, service requests, problems and changes.Customers (end users) need to see IT as a service provider and not just another department in their organization. The best out-of-the-box IT service management tool is one that supports the desired approach and is easy to use. The ITSM landscape is constantly changing and emerging trends continue to shape the ongoing debate around IT service management.Regardless of company size, all organizations are involved in some way in managing IT services. The primary objective of this phase is to plan and design the IT services offered by the organization to meet business demands.

This ensures that the right mix of people, processes and technology is in place to deliver value.

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