The Benefits of Microsoft 365 as a Managed Service

Microsoft 365 is a powerful cloud service that can help businesses maximize their investments and get the most out of their solutions. As a Microsoft cloud service provider, companies can benefit from strategic planning, advisory support, and dedicated security specialists. Office 365 managed services provide the necessary support to keep Office 365 solutions running sustainably. Managed services cover a wide range of areas, including user help desk, administration of the Office 365 ecosystem, deployment or evolution of Office 365, including customization, integration, and migration.

This way, businesses can optimize their offering and make it easier to protect their margins while still selling the service at a competitive price. For managed service providers (MSPs), selling Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 36) as a managed service is very valuable. ScienceSoft consultants can analyze the needs of businesses and provide them with a full price quote for comprehensive managed services. These services range from user support and monitoring the Office 365 environment to planning and optimizing Office 365 resources.

However, convincing customers to purchase Microsoft 365 as a managed service can be challenging. A managed service means that MSPs take care of performance, security and updates, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best: delivering value to customers and business projects. It can also be a great way for MSPs to get their foot in the door and offer other cloud-based managed services such as VoIP, cloud backup, and cloud CRM. When reaching out to potential customers, it's important to ask questions that show how consuming Microsoft 365 as a managed service can resolve their pain points.

Offering Microsoft 365 as a managed service is an excellent way to introduce cloud-based managed services to customers who are still stuck on premises. Think of an MSP as an extension of your IT team - a large extension full of Microsoft experts. With managed services and enterprise-class support for Office 365, businesses can maximize their Office 365 investment.

Lynne Ellert
Lynne Ellert

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