What is an Azure Managed Service Provider and How Can It Help Your Business?

An Azure managed service provider (MSP) is an IT service provider that specializes in running its core business on Microsoft Azure. This type of provider offers comprehensive managed services for Azure-based infrastructures, such as service monitoring, DevOps, security and compliance, and more. By leveraging an Azure MSP, businesses can benefit from efficient management of their cloud accounts at scale, helping them to lead their digital transformation and improve their efficiency, profitability, and growth. Cloud4C SHOP is a low-code, AI-based management platform that integrates different tools and solutions needed to offer managed cloud services to businesses.

This platform provides automation tools and managed operations powered by AIOPS to streamline the management of Azure workloads with ease. It also ensures universal visibility into workflows, predictive threat management, and self-healing preventive maintenance. The primary reason for managed infrastructure services is to improve business productivity by managing enterprise infrastructure. An experienced end-to-end Azure MSP can leverage Cloud4C's AIOPS-enabled Azure Cloud operations for database, processing, storage, and network management.

A standards-ready architecture solves all data location sovereignty issues, and cloud-native tools ensure additional benefits such as data intelligence, analytical decision-making, and intelligent IT management. The various services included in Azure Cloud Architecture should provide accurate and practical guidance for all Azure services. As a Microsoft partner with 9 Gold competencies, ScienceSoft offers transparent managed services to keep your Azure infrastructure stable, with reasonable bills and rapid changes. The leading F&B organization in the Emirates successfully achieved business continuity through hybrid managed cloud services on Azure.

Integrating businesses with Azure Managed Services and migrating to the cloud will definitely help organizations face today's fierce competition.

Lynne Ellert
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