What is Xerox Managed Print Services and How Can It Help Your Business?

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your workplace? FUJIFILM's Business Innovation (XPS) printing service offering is a suite of managed print services that can help you do just that. It provides you with greater control of your document output devices, leading to increased staff productivity and cost reductions. At its core, next-generation Managed Print Services (MPS) focuses on printing and documents, but also on data, processes, mobility, security, productivity, and more. It has the potential to touch and improve all areas of your organization where documents are created, generated, captured, transformed, managed or shared.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation's next generation of managed services goes beyond printing to deliver savings and efficiency through digitalization and workflow optimization. Keypoint Intelligence: BLI recognizes Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) as a leader in cloud print management, advanced security, document workflows and more with another Pacesetter Award. Managed Print Services (MPS) allows you to outsource the management, maintenance and strategic direction of your printing environment to an experienced strategic partner. Quocirca outlines seven key ideas to help protect your printing endpoints in a hybrid work environment and highlights how Xerox Managed Print Services can help you keep up with print security challenges.

To learn more about Xerox document technology, managed document services and solutions, visit Xerox helps OMNIA partners provide government and education agencies with transformative document technology and document management solutions. Offerings include Xerox technology ranging from single-function desktop printers to high-end digital presses, flexible managed print services, next-generation software offerings, centralized printing services and flow automation solutions. Xerox is proud to offer IT solutions for the Managed Print Services contract (R17140) awarded by the Region 4 Education Service Center.

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